Hoover’s Thriftway Change of Hours

Statement from Hoovers Owners and Managment withinfluence from our health officials and government, With much consideration and thought we would like to announce that Hoover’s Store hours will change starting tomorrow 3/19 to 7am -6pm.

The store closing early will allow our staff to do deep clean and disinfect every single night.

Our Sunday hours will change to 9am- 4pm. Again to allow the store to he deep cleaned and disinfected every evening.

Our salad bar is closed and deli lunch hours will become 10am -2pm

Please also allow hours of 7am to 9am for Senior Shopping and with people who have health conditions.

Please understand and respect our decision as a company.

Curb side and delivery is in the works and will be announced when finalized.

All changes made will be UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Thank you
Hoovers Management